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Welcome to Lundeen Sculpture

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Something a little new. Ben Franklin and Kids getting ready to go to Florida. ...

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Mark your calendars! This is the best fine art auction around. Come see what we have, bid, win and help an artist or two as well! You can't beat an evening that includes free food and beverages. ...

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A little more patriotism for you. This one is titled "On the Trail of Discovery". ...

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Feeling very patriotic. We wish you a safe, happy 4th of July. ...

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"Robert Frost" at Dartmouth. He looks great, even after 20 years outdoors. ...

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Contact Information

Lundeen Sculpture

338 East 4th Street
Loveland, CO 80537

Phone: (970) 669-7176
Fax: (970) 669-9493

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