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Bio – Cammie

Cammie Lundeen – Biography

Cammie Lundeen is a wild life sculptor from Loveland, Colorado with a passion for horses. Most of her work is done in limited editions which range in size from miniature to life-size. Her bronzes can be found in collections around the world, including London, Finland, Venezuela and Australia. In addition to her own limited editions, Cammie has been commissioned to sculpt portrait bronzes. She is a member of the Society of Animal Artists and an Associate Member of the American Academy of Equine Art.

“We all know art is a form of expression. My goal is to touch someone’s emotions, to have them feel what I might feel in a particular bronze. That isn’t always,an easy task when sculpting animals. Some of their actions and emotions are very subtle. You really have to observe and study the animal to sculpt life into it. Consequently, most of my subjects are animals that I am very fond of or have worked with a great deal. For example, equines are a big part of my recreational life. I feel like I really know and love these animals, and think this is reflected in my work.” – Camie Lundeen



1986 – Salmon River Art Guild Riggins, Idaho – Best Sculpture , “Power to Spare”
1986 – Old West Regional Art Show, Cheyenne, Wyoming – Purchase Award, “Power to Spare”
1987 – American Academy of Equine Art, Louisville, Kentucky – People’s Choice Award , “Lazy Afternoon”
1989 – Salmon River National Arts Exhibition, Riggins Idaho – Special Judges Award , “Lazy Afternoon”
1992 – Old West Regional Art Show, Cheyenne, Wyoming – People’s Choice Award, “Maude & Lottie”
1994 – The Pen and Brush Annual Sculpture Exhibition, New York, New York, – Katherine Thayer Hobson Memorial Award, “Buds”
1994 – Society of Animals Artists, 34th Annual Exhibition – 1994-1995 National Museum Tour , “Buds”
1995 – Society of Animals Artists, 35th Annual Exhibition – Liskin Award , “Lunch Break”


University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
Scottsdale Artists School, Scottsdale, Arizona


Society of Animals Artists, Member
American Academy of Equine Art, Associate Member


1987 – “Rooster Bars”, Box “P” Quarter Horses, Hoyt Kansas
1987 – “Soft Nickers”, Appaloosa Horse Club, Moscow Idaho
1988 – “Fat & Sassy”, Uniontown Washington
1988 – “Maude & Lottie” Loveland High Plains Art Council, Loveland, Colorado
1989 – “Windomar Miss”, Loveland, Colorado
1991 – “Foals of Plum Creek Hollow”, Plum Creek Hollow Ranch, Larkspur, Colorado
1991 – “Maude & Lottie”, Helsinki, Finland
1992 – “Maude & Lottie”, Kansas City Royal Equestrian Center, Kansas City, Missouri
1992 – “Foals of Plum Creek Hollow”, Triple B Farms, Elizabeth, Colorado
1992 – “Foals of Plum Creek Hollow”, Raimondi Ranch, Cheyenne, Wyoming
1993 – “Maude & Lottie”, Anheiser Bush, Pepin Distributing Co., Tampa, Florida


November, 1987 – Appaloosa Journal
Winter, 1988 – Equine Images
May, 1989 – Paint Horse Journal
1992 – Rocky Mountain Paint Horse, Stock Show Edition
1992 – Revue Magazine
August, 1993 – Southwest Art Magazine

Gallery of Work

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Test your Lundeen knowledge! Where at Denver International Airport can you find this sculpture of Astronaut Jack Swigert? Bonus: How many Lundeen sculptures are on display at DIA? ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Test your Lundeen knowledge! Where at Denver International Airport can you find this sculpture of Astronaut Jack Swigert? Bonus: How many Lundeen sculptures are on display at DIA?


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B Terminal

I stop everytime and admire! B

By the train stop and there is another sculpture of Jeppeson (sp?) in the terminal. Total of 2 (I still got 2 George). And a trivia question back... Where is the DC version of this guy located? BTW - I dust him off for you occasionally - that white patina shows dust easily.

Mr. Lundeen was just starting to work on this project when I visited his studio last August. Wow! Fast work!

Jack Swigert, a fromer Denver native, greets you when you step off the airport train at the B gates. The beautiful bronze of Elrey Borge Jeppesen, in is in the main concourse. I haven't visited all of the bars at DIA, so Mark may have one or two of loose characters in dark corners.

If you move the sculpture, you'll find my Son's driver's license. He thought it would be a good idea to mark he was there to install it.

2 pieces

I look for this every time I fly United! ❤️

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One of our newest projects here at Lundeen Sculpture is a monumental trio of astronauts to be installed (pending corporate sponsorship) in the new Moon Garden at the Kennedy Space Center. This Media Kit is what the studio sends out to companies interested in sponsoring this project. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago


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WOW!!! Can't wait to see this!!!

You make Nebraska proud Lundeens! Just went to look at your sculptures at the “new” Scheels store in Lincoln, NE. I love sculptures that I can tell what they are! Beautiful!

What an honor that will be! Bravo!

What an honor!! Love your new sculptures at Scheels in Lincoln!! Congrats!!

Excellent as always!


What an honor Lundeen’s! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

Just recently saw the sculpture s at Scheels here in Lincoln...fantastic!!

SO exciting! !

Congratulations to y’all!!!!

Great artist come from NE

Wow!! Congratulations

Great job, George and Mark. Should be stunning when completed !

And the cloisters on the platte is amazing

Simply awesome!!!

Can’t wait to see finished product Mark&George! Congrats!!!!!


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2 weeks ago


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This is great


Totally Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 weeks ago


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Very cool!!

You’re not allowed to climb on that statue like that now! Happy 4th from DC!

Kinda looks like your Dad

Just saw one like that in Denver Airport terminal B. A couple weeks ago.

Just WOW !

Wow, George Lundeen, you clean up good! I am constantly amazed with your sculptures. Enjoy the 4th.

I recognize the guy on the right as my partner in league play at Marianna Butte, where we lapped the field on Wednesday nights. The guy on the left use to do Chevy truck adds.

That is so awesome! Where is it?

This piece is amazing. It's in the Capitol, isn't it?



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